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Beat the study mess with STABILO point 88!

Using handwritten notes and adding colors can boost your study success. Here are some tips and tricks which are worth a try!


STABILO point 88 (color: 41) STABILO point 88 (color: 40) STABILO point 88 (color: 51) STABILO point 88 (color: 033) STABILO point 88 (color: 056)

Studying can be stressful, there’s so much to take in across lots of different subjects and topics. You need to be the master of this but that’s easier said than done! There are some simple things that you can try to make studying a little easier. The STABILO point 88 is the perfect pen when it comes to creating notes, its fine tip is perfect for neat writing, underlining and small sketches and is available in 47 colors. Making your handwritten notes not only look nice but also helping you to memorize what you’re writing.


Your workspace

Make sure to remove distracting things from your table and that you have enough space to work. Then collect all the material and stationery you need at hand before you get started, so that you can keep on working without distraction.
STABILO point 88 desk

Your text and notes

Less is more: always concentrate on highlighting the important text to make them stand out. Try adding different colors and pen-types to make the text jump out at a glance. Also combine different ways to highlight the text, use boxes, banners and or use different bullet points and symbols to create information hierarchy.
STABILO point 88 DNA learning sheet


Add color to make your notes not only colorful but memorable.

By adding color to your notes not only gives them structure but also scientifically proven to improve memory and recall. Studies have shown that colors such as orange, red and yellow are more attention-grabbing compared with colors such as grey or brown. This means that information written or highlighted in these colors have a higher chance of being remembered.

Finally add some sketches or graphs to your notes because a picture is worth a thousand words!
STABILO point color variety
STABILO point 88 flash card biology


You will discover that studying can be a little more fun when you like how your study notes look.
Try matching different colors to different topics this will help you build an association with each subject, improving your ability to recall these topics when the time comes.
The simple process of you creating and editing your study notes or flash cards will boost your memory and remember they don’t need to be perfect these are just for you.
Re-reading the flashcards are key five to seven times should do it and finally give yourself a tick on your flashcards if you have remembered all the content.
STABILO point 88 DNA flash card
STABILO point 88
STABILO point 88
Available in 55 colors; 88/xx
STABILO point 88 Wallet of 8 Pastel Colors
STABILO point 88 Wallet of 8 Pastel Colors
8 colors; 88/8-01
STABILO point 88 Metal Box
STABILO point 88 Metal Box
50 colors; 8850-6
STABILO point 88 Wallet of 10
STABILO point 88 Wallet of 10
10 colors; 8810
STABILO point 88 Wallet of 8 Shades of Blue
STABILO point 88 Wallet of 8 Shades of Blue
8 colors; 88/8-03

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