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STABILO EASYgraph - scientifically designed shape for children who wish to learn to write.


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When it comes to the wonderful world of writing, the STABILO EASYgraph ergonomic pencil will help children learn to write in comfort and with ease. The STABILO EASYgraph’s scientifically designed shape has been developed for growing hands, and its triangular design features color coding for right-handed or left-handed writers and boasts unique non-slip grip moulds.

Getting to grips with either hand.

Tested by expert scientists in several fields including ergonomics, the STABILO EASYgraph is a deceptively sophisticated but fun companion for children who wish to learn to write. The triangular design with its non-slip grip moulds ensures a comfortable and relaxed handwriting experience over long periods of time. It’s not all science, though! It comes in 5 vibrant and fun colors: petrol, pink, blue, orange and green. The STABILO EASYgraph also maintains STABILO's commitment to environmental protection by only harvesting wood from renewable and sustainable forests.
Product features:

Product features:

  • The first ergonomic pencil especially for leftor right-handers
  • Triangular design and non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture
  • Yellow and red color coding at the end of the pencil indicates left- or right-handed versions
  • NEW: in 5 fresh shaft colors: petrol, pink, blue, orange and green
  • NEW: two degrees – HB and 2B (from January 2018 also B)
  • Lead diameter 3.15 mm
  • HB-grade lead equally suitable for both writing and sketching
  • Wood from responsibly managed forests
  • With a space for inscribing the name

petrol 321/HB-6 pink 321/01-HB-6 blue 321/02-HB-6 orange 322/03-HB green 322/04-HB

Add some color to your life!

STABILO EASYgraph comes in 5 fresh shaft colors.

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