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EASYbuddy in fresh colors

STABILO EASYbuddy FRESH Edition, your ergonomic school fountain pen for elementary school in cool colors.

Ergonomic school fountain pen

It is the innovative companion for children in elementary school: the STABILO EASYbuddy FRESH Edition. The cool color combinations were chosen together with children. The ergonomic school fountain pen enables fatigue-free writing with a clean font. On the inside, it contains all the expert knowledge of the STABILO ergonomics professionals, making it easier for children to find the right writing technique and ensuring that they have lots of fun writing. On the outside, bright colors make children's eyes sparkle.

Great, fresh colors for the ergonomic school fountain pen STABILO EASYbuddy FRESH Edition

The fresh color combinations light blue-lime and pink-light blue are the eye-catcher in every classroom and simply create a good mood. The ergonomic soft grip zone made of non-slip material makes the STABILO EASYbuddy school fountain pen equally suitable for right- and left-handers and it fits comfortably and securely in the child's hand.

The durable plastic casing and the leakage protection are practical in everyday school life. The nib with integrated iridium grain is available in variants for beginners (B), more experienced writers (M) and left-handers (L). It can therefore be selected according to the child's needs (writing pressure, tilt, handedness), and it helps easy guided writing and promotes a clean typeface. A technology especially developed for the STABILO EASYbuddy school fountain pen also minimizes the risk of ink leakage.

The fill level of both cartridges can be easily read off the extra-large viewing window. Refilling is done with commercially available standard ink cartridges.
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
light blue / lime; 5031/9-41 (Nib M)
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
pink / light blue; 5031/10-41 (Nib M)
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
EASYbuddy 1 pc blister light blue / lime, M
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
STABILO EASYbuddy Fresh Edition
EASYbuddy 1 pc blister pink / light blue, M
Product features:

Product features:

  • Children love the fresh color edition, learning to write will be a bit more fun with this pen.
  • The STABILO fountain pen ergonomically designed especially for children’s hands.
  • Pleasant writing experience due to non-slip soft grip zone
  • Soft writing feel without smudges or scratches
  • Choose nib variant according to the needs of the child:Beginner B, Standard S, Left-handed L
  • Fill level of both cartridges always in view thanks to the extra-large viewing window
  • Special technology results in maximum leakage protection and offers relaxed writing fun
  • Royal-blue, erasable-ink, refillable
  • Available in 2 limited colors and 8 standard color variations

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