A good start
The first interactive learning set for writing motor skills
The perfect preparation for preschool kids on their path learning to write!
Even before learning to write:
your preschool child can learn, through play, how to hold a pen properly and its first key writing skills.
Monster Zoo
Playful training of writing motor skills
Can only be used on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet devices
The Monster Zoo Story
The special grip zone allows your child to hold the pen comfortably in a relaxed manner
Your child's hand can rest on the display
Take the first easy steps through play The Monster Zoo app doesn’t teach your child letters, but focuses instead on the first basic shapes and movements that will be most useful later on when they begin to write.
Learn movements – not letters
Lots of praise and motivation If something was particularly good your child gets a reward.
Parents are in the know Check in on the kids' progress at any time in the parents section.
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A good start
  • Playful training of writing motor skills
  • Scientifically proven methodology
  • Free Monster Zoo educational game