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Download our STABILO Mandala coloring pages

Here you can download beautiful mandala coloring pages. Inside the PDF you will find amongst others a fox, graceful swans, an octopus and a flower mandala.
Download PDF

Get inspired by our video tutorials!

Did you know that you can create outstanding calligraphy with highlighters, e.g. our STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL that is available in 15 colors? Or that you can achieve amazing aquarell effects with the 49 colors of the STABILO point 88 fineliner? How to use the pointing technique with fineliners to create drawings that qualify for an art gallery? Or to make the perfect journal for studying and organizing your daily life?

Watch our tutorial videos and try it out yourself!

How to upcycle a tin can in Easter style!

Don't you have a whole lot of old tin cans in your kitchen waiting to be recycled? Hey wait, why not upcycle them? Here are some easy instructions how to make an attractive pen holder out of a tin can. Of course you can think of any creative motif – it doesn't always have to be Easter!
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