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Pen 68 brush - Do you letter, yet?

01. January 2020

Lettering and brush lettering are a big trend among creatives and hobby artists. No matter if professional, well trained or beginner, Pen 68 brush serves them all and is love on the first stroke.

New brush pen for trend-conscious creatives

The STABILO Pen 68 family is growing, and is going to be even more creative in future. With its flexible brush tip, the new Pen 68 brush makes beautiful lettering and colorful decoration easy. The Pen 68 brush makes the perfect addition to the portfolio of premium fibre-tip pens, alongside the classic Pen 68, the Pen 68 Mini and the Pen 68 metallic.

Home craft has been experiencing a real boom for the last few years – so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. One particularly popular technique is what is known as “brush lettering” – a modern form of calligraphy that involves using a flexible brush pen to create individual letters or entire sentences using flowing, differently accented upward and downward strokes on the paper. With the Pen 68 brush, writing instrument manufacturer STABILO is tapping into the creative market and expanding the design possibilities.


For beginners and experts alike.

The flexible brush tip makes the STABILO Pen 68 brush attractive to both amateur artists and professionals. The new addition is ideal to learn the popular brush lettering technique: the line width can be varied by simply adjusting the pressure on the pen. This allows even beginners to create dynamic, attractive lines on the paper without hours of practice. However, professionals with lots of experience of lettering will also enjoy the Pen 68 brush, as the new premium pen allows them to demonstrate their skills even more easily and beautifully on the paper. Whether it be gradual color blending or trendy watercolor effects, the water-based ink makes it possible to apply sophisticated creative techniques effectively and accurately. Watercolor paper is recommended for best results.


Colorful and versatile.

The STABILO Pen 68 brush will fuel the imagination of any artist with its range of colors. Its excellent coverage and even color application ensure that amateur artists and experts alike always have control over their work. In addition, the Pen 68 brush fits seamlessly into the STABILO portfolio: the color range fits to that of the other products in the STABILO Pen 68 family. In addition, the flexible brush tip of the Pen 68 brush opens up a number of other potential applications, for example in fine art, shading and stamping. Thanks to its versatility and colorfulness, the new brush pen makes a great gift idea for creative friends and family – whether at Christmas, for a birthday, or for another occasion.


A trendy mix.

The STABILO Pen 68 brush is expanding the product family with another professional drawing tool for creative minds. The tried-and-tested Pen 68 and the new Pen 68 brush are perfectly matched: whilst the classic has been bringing color to the everyday lives of school pupils, students, professionals and amateur artists for decades, the Pen 68 brush is widening the bridge into the creative sector, and opening up a whole host of opportunities for creative expression with its fine brush tip.


Quality through experience.

With over 160 years of experience and history, STABILO has always placed great emphasis on durability and reliability in its products. This can be seen in the Pen 68 brush, which is protected against drying out for 24 hours with the cap off. STABILO’s Pen 68 brush boasts the familiar “Made in Germany” brand quality, meaning that users never have to go without the usual top-quality product features. This new premium product from STABILO has been developed in collaboration with fans, making it perfectly suited to the wants and needs of the creative scene.

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